another VR concept:

Creator Services
a project for Mozilla that explains how social VR can be used as a tool within the design process.
created by Anna Smeragliuolo and Jing Yu

During a 2-week design sprint, twelve of us were asked to come up with a variety of use-cases for Mozilla’s social VR platform, Hubs.

Our concept was to supply tools to users to build their own productivity environments for remote collaboration.

Process map
A map of the design process highlighting points where VR interventions may be helpful.

Potential interactions

Some ideas for potential VR interactions to help in certain points of the design process. We saw VR as having the potential to be especially useful in steps involving ideation, data management, and formal or aesthetic decisions.
Conventional reality prototyping

A common design practice is “clustering,” or physically arranginging ideas into thematic groups. We were intrigued by the opportunity afforded by VR to cluster in 3D, but unsure if it would actually be valuable. To test this, we took a hands-on approach and built a 3D matrix out of yarn. We tried working with some examples and validated the 3D matrix as an effective way to cluster - even in conventional reality.

At the end of the 2 weeks, we had collaborated to create this comprehensive website that we delivered to the Hubs team.