a paper:

Validation of the Leap Motion Controller using markered motion capture technology

how well a Leap Motion can see your hand

by Anna Smeragliuolo, N.Jeremy Hill, Luis Disla, and David Putrino

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another paper:

Using data from the Microsoft Kinect 2 to determine postural stability in healthy subjects: A feasibility trial
machine learning is how a Kinect can tell what you are doing better than a fancy force plate can

by Behdad Dehbandi, Alexandre Barachant, Anna Smeragliuolo, John Davis Long, Silverio Joseph Bumanlag, Victor He, Anna Lampe, and David Putrino

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a poster:

Validation of the Leap Motion’s Hand Recognition Capabilities and Limitations poster presentation for Burke Medical Research Institute summer scholars poster day
by Anna Smeragliuolo, Divija Chopra, Matthew Marano, Luis Disla, and David Putrino