a portable radio:

A portable pirate radio station for the people.
created by Anna Smeragliuolo, Abhishek Kumar, Alex Penman, and Mantas Lilis

The Parrrot is a portable 2-channel mixer-cum-pirate radio with the ability to stream, mix, and broadcast mashups you create from live streaming internet radio stations.

the product

the persona

Parrrot is inspired by the pirate radio stations that came before it. A station reduced to its core components, this pirate radio becomes a portable device.

stickers not included, but customization encouraged

Parrrot comes with a built-in FM transmitter which can be used to take over local frequencies to broadcast Pandemonium. At any given time, Pandemonium could be taking over the radio waves in every corner of the world with the same music, freeing pirate radio from local constraints and bringing it into a global context.

formal explorations in cardboard

Each channel streams music directly from “The Ocean,” a global database of online radios. Using simple volume adjustment, the two channels can be mixed together and recorded in one-minute sound bites. The clips are then uploaded to Pandemonium, an online radio station consisting entirely of mashups made by the Parrrot community. Every mashup is added to the radio playlist and the result is an infinite stream of mashups broadcasted on a never-ending loop.