a location-tracking vitamin:

Edible Internet
Location-tracking dietary supplements for a post-privacy future
swallowed by Mantas Lilis, Yuxi Liu, and Anna Smeragliuolo

Edible Internet is an experience meant to simulate a future where hardware is edible and nothing is secret.

The pills are a means of training to prepare people for a world where everyone knows where you are at all times.

The experience: Once the pills have been swallowed and your location has been shared, you gain access to a map where you can see the location of everyone else who has swallowed the pills.

By frequently sharing their locations, people start to become comfortable with the idea of being perpetually tracked.

The project debuted at Ars Electronica 2019. For the event, we created a WhatsApp group to share locations. By using a messaging platform, we observed the added bonus of communication within the group. 

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